Episode 1

By Intellect Design Arena Feb 28 2024

In the inaugural edition of the “5 Minutes with Arun” Podcast series, Arun Jain, Intellect’s Chairman and Managing Director, sheds light on the five essential components of Design Thinking, which are collectively known as SEPIA. According to him, the five forces – Skill, Expertise, Perspective, Idea, and Alignment – are indispensable when it comes to addressing any challenge. Design thinking comprises 13 key principles, which encompass the aforementioned components and other crucial aspects.

Arun also talks about the five frictional forces in Design Thinking, which are Doubt, Conflict, Anger, Fear, and Ego (DCAFE). He explains that these forces are contextual and can be good or bad depending on the situation. The remedy for conflict is dialogue, the remedy for anger is empathy, the remedy for fear is courage, and the remedy for guilt is forgiveness. Arun emphasises the importance of these elements in solving any problem and encourages listeners to adopt design thinking in their daily lives.

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