Capital Cube 21

Contextual Treasury Fueled by
Composable Next Generation Technology

Capital Cube 21- Product Overview

Capital Cube 21 is a contextual cross-asset Treasury solution covering the rich functionalities of integrated front mid back office treasury, Contextual Asset liability management, Portfolio Risk Analytics and Value-adds like Libor transition, CBX-FX. This is powered by a cloud-ready architecture, API first technology with SDKs for low code interfacing, building APIs and Services along with contextual & decoupled UI/UX.

Capital Cube has the potential to improve top and bottom line through revenue accelerators, optimum capital leverage and a digital front to back treasury. The revenue accelerators help maximize trading profits, increase fee-based income and efficiently manage intraday liquidity.

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Why Capital Cube?

Designed on microservices and API based architecture for complete automation and high STP of treasury processes, achieving ~ 95% STP across the bank while mitigating operational and financial risk.

Seamless and non-disruptive integration with trading, market portals and settlement agencies enabling faster time to market.

Cloud ready solution simplifies deployment and reduces TCO.

Integrated front to back with comprehensive asset class coverage supporting the total trade lifecycle.

Contextual treasury leads to increased profitability enabled by real-time positions and market scenario tools.

Multidimensional risk and compliance framework ensuring adherence to firm and regulatory policies.

Portfolio Analytics devising full-proof investment management strategies resulting in optimal opportunity cost model.

Adapting to business changes quickly through rule-driven limits management.

Capital Cube SDK

Experience Studio

Experience Studio

Contextual, intuitive UI/UX decoupled from services

API Studio

API Studio

Agile API Development

Integration and Orchestration Studio

Integration and Orchestration Studio

Low coding configurable interface framework

Business Services Studio

Business Services Studio

New service building using bespoke services studio

Facilitates easy UI/UX extensibility, new APIs creation, seamless interfacing and effortless building of business services.

Product Highlights


Contextual Treasury

Integrated Front, Mid and Back office with extensive asset class coverage to mitigate operational, financial and settlement risks and increase operational efficiency. Front office is powered by Maxima Engine with a trader centric UI, decision support blotters, pre-deal analytics for position, cash and P&L management. Mid office is powered by Eagle Risk Engine with 150+risk metrics, multiple yield curve management, stress testing, pre-defined 100+ limits and automated compliance. Back Office efficiency is driven by Orion Engine for flexi settlement, rule-driven reconciliation, configurable accounting and reporting.

Contextual ALM to monitor and optimize liquidity and interest rate exposure over future time horizons. Identify potential liquidity gaps and optimally manage Assets and Liabilities. NII (Net Interest Income) / NIM (Net Interest Margin) computation and analysis including EaR (Earnings at Risk). Discover the sophisticated capabilities of Contextual ALM. Also discover the sophisticated capabilities of Intellect LIBOR Transition and CBX-FX.


Composable next-gen tech

Cloud ready,built on Open Architecture Standards with API first design and COTS agnostic ensures improved efficiency, integration flexibility, scalability and optimizes total cost of ownership. Technical architecture designed for ‘zero down time’.

Product Features



Integrated front, mid and back office with comprehensive asset coverage to mitigate operational, financial and settlement risks, and increase operational efficiency.


Contextual ALM

Holistic view of balance sheet, identifying gaps in liquidity and impact of interest rates.


Contextual Banking Exchange – FX (CBX-FX)

Increasing customer engagement index by enabling the bank’s clients to hedge positions for better risk-return outcomes, fueling business growth.


Portfolio Risk Analytics

Aquila engine to monitor portfolio performance and attribution.


LIBOR Transition

Ensures timely adaptation to risk free rates.

Technology Architecture

Modular, open architecture enables more cost-effective operations and compliance, creates agility to reduce TCO by supporting future growth.

Reduce manual intervention and increase operational stability via configurable workflows, templates and online deal tracker.

Compatibility to open source technology also contributes significantly to sustained lower TCO and maintenance.

Significant IT Cost Reduction: Platform Economy, providing an integrated front, mid and back office, and highly parameterised solution, enabling launch of new features with minimal effort and cost.

Operational Efficiency: Designed on advanced technology and scalable architecture (SOA) for complete automation and high STP of treasury processes, achieving ~ 95% STP across the bank, while mitigating operational and financial risk.

Increased Scalability: Capital Cube is designed to be scalable. The layered J2EE architecture, along with de-coupled business functions, allows both vertical and horizontal scalability, and provides for easy deployment of the product.


Awards and Accolades


Positioned as leading provider to support entire Investment Management cycle in ‘NextGen Investments and Portfolio Risk capabilities’


Category Leader in RiskTech Quadrant for completeness of offering and market potential in the report ‘Sell Side Risk Management Technology’


Profiled amongst leading vendors providing reconciliation technology to Treasury functions within the bank


Rated as providing ‘High level business focused functionality’ in ‘Next Gen ALM & Balance Sheet Management ’


Profiled amongst leading vendors in the report ‘Capital Markets FX Tech: A Buyer’s Guide to FX Solutions’

IDC Fintech

IDC Fintech Real Results Award 2018 for implementation at Citibank

IDC Fintech

IDC Fintech Real Results Award 2019 for implementation at Westpac

RiskTech 100

RiskTech 100 Awards – Category winner in ‘Liquidity Risk & ALM’

Did you know?

Our FX platform generates a daily flow of $10.7 trillion across 52 international legal entities of one of the world’s largest banks:

That’s the combined GDP of Germany, India, U.K. and Australia.

Our software enables central banks in 10 countries to serve 25% of the world’s population:

1.95 bn humans.

Our eService portal helps India’s largest life insurance provider to serve 400 mn customers seamlessly:

The combined population of Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Spain and UAE.

Our transaction systems, in one UK bank alone, determine the movement of $5 trillion every month:

That’s 24 times the value of China’s exports.

Our origination software helps issue 40% of all credit cards in India:

The market share of Android phones globally.

Across over 60 nations, 23% of MNC cross-border sweeps are processed by our systems:

That’s Saudi Arabia’s market share of crude oil reserves among OPEC countries.

Over 50% of corporate collections in India, Middle East and North Africa go through our systems:

That’s almost as much as USA’s market share of global stock markets.

Our Prestigious Clients

We value our clients and are committed to provide innovative solutions for all their needs

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Success Stories


CEO, India, Maybank Indonesia

“We are happy to have chosen the stable and functionally rich solution from Intellect to manage our treasury operations in India.This implementation has been smooth and has enabled us to meet India specific regulatory needs in line with our business objectives. We are extremely delighted to see the outstanding team effort put forward by team Intellect during the implementation. At Maybank we believe in providing superior customer experience, with a stable treasury system we are confident of providing an unprecedented service and banking experience. We look forward to further strengthening the relationship between Maybank group and Intellect Design Arena going forward”

W.N.P. Surawimala,

Country Manager, Bank of Ceylon

“It is delightful to express that Intellect Treasury Management Solution completed the implementation within a short period of four months time is already live. The bank is fully convinced for having chosen Intellect for it’s functional superiority, support and delivery commitment. The professional approach and guidance of the team is really commendable and it is really impressed with the meticulous effort and commitment shown by the Intellect team, throughout the project to ensure the agreed live time line was held sacrosanct. We wish Intellect success in all their future endeavors and look forward the ongoing team support post go live.”



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