The comprehensive digital transaction banking platform understands and anticipates the needs of corporate clients and uses this to recommend optimal actions – an approach dubbed “contextual banking”

iGTB has launched the era of contextual banking with the release of the new corporate banking platform CBX 18. Standing for “Contextual Banking Experience”, the platform not only provides seamless digital execution across the full range of transaction banking actions, but – uniquely – also offers instant and intelligent recommendations as to the best actions available to banking clients.

CBX 18 moves transaction banking into the territory of customer-service champions such as Amazon and Netflix – using information on the client and its context to understand and anticipate their needs. An intelligent algorithm then calculates the optimal action based on their specific situation and preferences. iGTB calls this approach “contextual banking”. In addition to this revolutionary automated-advisory component, CBX 18 is also highly scalable and uses open APIs to enable bank clients to plug in the services of their favourite fintech partners.