While the banks have braced to manage covenant breaches, sharp increase in provisions and falling investment demand in a year that was dominated by an unprecedented pandemic, the real acid test for the financial institutions to handle their ALM (Asset and Liability Management) ecosystem has just begun. As the economy now takes tentative steps to open up, it brings newer challenges to the fore.

Intellect has been providing Asset-Liability Management (ALM) and Liquidity solutions to a diverse set of banks and financial institutions in different geographies for more than a decade. Experience our exclusive webinar, where we introduce you to our exciting solution – CALM (Contextual Asset Liability Management) – and share global best practices in ALM, helping you to adapt to the new normal.

Mr. Anjan Chatterjee,
Head – Pre-sales, Risk & Treasury
Intellect Design Arena Limited
Ms. Namrata Shah,
Head – Product Engineering, Risk & Treasury
Intellect Design Arena Limited

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