The digitisation of various processes has led to organisations being responsible for a host of data, especially customer’s Aadhaar data, which is the most common source of PII. This makes enterprises more prone to data breaches and other data security issues that can have a variety of repercussions.

One of our latest and most unique offerings, Magic Aadhaar is an AI-powered, comprehensive Aadhaar processing solution that identifies, extracts, validates and contextually masks Aadhaar details before storing it. In this manner, the solution efficiently delivers end-to-end digitisation with a high level of security, while also being compliant with the necessary regulatory and KYC requirements. Magic Aadhaar gives organisations the ability to be a leader in data security, by being highly scalable and easily integratable with various technologies, even legacy platforms.

Intellect Design Arena, with three decades of working in the BFSI segment and the pillars of the National Financial Infrastructure like, RBI, LIC, GeM, NABARD and several PSU Banks, has created products that address the operational efficiency as well as governance agenda of these organisations at a national level.

To see how this solution can help protect your organisation, we invite you to an exclusive webinar – Safeguard your customers’ Aadhaar data and your business, with the first-of-its-kind Magic Aadhaar.

Hitesh Arora,
EVP, Business Head & Global Product Leader,
Intellect Design Arena Limited

Deepak Dastrala,
Chief Technology Officer – India,
Intellect SEEC

Raman Jatkar
Product Manager – Magic Aadhaar
Intellect Design Arena Limited