Magic Aadhaar is an Al-powered comprehensive Aadhaar processing solution that hyper-digitises your end-to-end processes that use Aadhaar-solution for necessary regulatory and KYC requirements – in real-time. It extracts Aadhaar details from the documents being processed, validates the details and masks the Aadhaar number, prior to the document being stored for future reference, thus delivering end-to-end digitisation with high level of security and compliance.

Magic Aadhaar is based on a cognitive information extraction and validation algorithm, powered by our very powerful IDX. AI platform that contextually extracts information from unstructured and semi-structured sources using AI technologies.

Intellect Design Arena, with three decades of working in the BFSI segment and working with the pillars of the National Financial Infrastructure – RBI, LIC, GeM, NABARD and several PSU Banks, has created products that address the operational efficiency as well as governance agenda of these organisation at a national level. Magic Aadhaar is one such offering.

To explore the different facets of this unique solution, we invite you to an exclusive webinar on, ‘Magic Aadhaar: Hyper-digitise end-to-end Aadhaar processing.’

Deepak Dastrala,
Chief Technology Officer – India, Intellect SEEC

Hitesh Arora, EVP,
Business Head & Global Product Leader, Intellect Design Arena Ltd

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