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Industry Overview

The wealth industry has grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% since 2015. The wealth market is expected to grow from $475.8 billion in 2020 to $730.7 billion in 2025 at a rate of 9.0%. The CAGR of the wealth market will grow at a rate of 8.8% from 2025 and reach $1,116.1 billion in 2030. The new normal has caused a shift in customer demands across segments – a need for hyper personalised comprehensive advisory services, DIY capabilities and an inclination towards sustainable investment has emerged. Banks are now striving to expand services to focus on the growing and uncontested bottom of the AUM pyramid. The strategy is to redraw the industry boundaries thus making competition irrelevant.

Challenges and Opportunity

Due to the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, banks now face challenges in retaining customers and providing them with differentiated offerings and more transparency. The frequent attrition of RMs and changing hands upset established clients and advisor relationships. The Global crises have made individuals less confident about their investment decisions and in today’s world, hyper-personalisation is acting as a critical feature in achieving loyalty in the growing millennial population.

The hunt for fee based income remains fierce, low interest regimes have pressurised NIM’s and NII’s. Investor beliefs are changing with sustainable and responsible investing becoming crucial to meet new customer expectations.

Wealth Qube Overview

Intellect’s comprehensive wealth platform – Wealth Qube® is designed around 6 Offices– catering to various roles in a wealth business – which are further supported by 23 Desks and 150+ Tools. Wealth Qube® is a complete solution serving the needs of Wealth Managers and Private Bankers.

The Tool based architecture of Wealth Qube® coupled with its API-first design allows for many advantages. The first of these being to provide the financial institutions an ability to retain their competitive advantage by selectively upgrading the tools. The second one being the ability to preserve their investments in the earlier systems, as the up-gradation can be done at the tool level. Given the dynamic and personalised nature of the wealth business, the key technology thrust for IntellectAI has been to allow each institution to maintain its competitive edge by allowing them to compose their own solutions.

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